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Veterinary Recommended Treatment For Equine Splints

Treatment for Splints in horses
treatment for splints in horses
From A School Of Veterinary Medicine:
"I found that when Splintex is used on acute periostitis of the second and fourth metacarpal or metatarsal bones that it can prevent the deposition of bone leading to an exostoses, commonly known as a splint."
Equine Splints Treatment
L.H. Evans, D.V.M.
Case Studies
treatment for equine splints
case studies of splintex treatment for splints in horses equine splints case study Splintex, treatment of cold and hot splints in horses splints in horses case study
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Equine Splints Gold Formula

Formulated for Cold equine splints.

splintex gold treatment for splints in horses
equine splint treatment silver formula

Formulated for Hot equine splints.

splintex silver treatment for splints in horses
Manufactured by Horse Systems Inc.
Splints manifest
themselves as swellings and bony enlargements located on the splint bones on both forelegs and hindlegs of horses.
Preventing splints in horses
Splintex is a Warranted
topical applied with
provided leg brush and
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